INEMTEC Working Papers Series

INEMTEC Working Papers Series

The aim of the workshop is to discuss unpublished papers of the INEMTEC team members. Those who wish to attend the workshop and participate with specific feedback for the papers please contact us in order to receive the draft. We kindly ask you to do not cite nor circulate the drafts.

Is not mandatory but we will appreciate if the feedback and the suggestions are well formulated and documented so that the discussions will be as constructive and efficient as possible.

The meetings will take place at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest (Splaiul Indepententei street no. 204, room 4). 


1. Intellectual property, file sharing, access, and knowledge in society (Constantin Vică and Emanuel Socaciu)

2. On the use of performance enhancers in e-sports​ (Toni Gibea and Maria Racman)

3. Refocusing the nudging debate on organ donation (Emilian Mihailov)

4. Is online piracy a victimless crime? (Radu Uszkai)

5. The Internet as a labyrinth: a failed cognitive enhancement (Cristina Voinea and Constantin Vică)

6. Do wealthy persons from developed countries have any responsibility to the poor persons from underdeveloped countries? (Ingrid Niculescu)

7. Managing Violence as a Constitutive Element of Institutional Facts in John Searle’s Social Ontology (Cristina Voinea)


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